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Is there any more prophet
to come after Bro. Houteff in this time of the end ?



If someone ever proclaimed himself to be a prophet at this time of the end after Bro. Houteff, he must then be able to meet most of the requirements here below :

A. (1). He must be one of the prophets predicted by prophet Amos in his prophecy of Amos 3 : 7.

(2). His interpretations of the secret things of the Bible must be found accommodated in THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Revelation 19 : 10 under a certain name, such as Bro. Houteff and his Shepherd’s Rod message of the angel of Revelation 18 : 1, and Mrs. White with her message of Spirit of Prophecy of the third angel of Revelation 14.

(3). The fact that only the angel of Revelation 18 : 1 has united his message of the Shepherd’s Rod with the message of the Spirit of Prophecy of the third angel of Rev. 14 into THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Rev. 19 : 10, for to enlighten the earth. We do not see any more message of another prophet that could be found in the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Rev. 19 : 10.  

B. Re the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4. Please look at the picture.
Those divinely appointed prophets of the time of the end must be found symbolized by the two main pipes, to flow the golden oil from both the olive trees into the golden bowl, that represents THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Revelation 19 : 10. One of the prophets who is the last one, must be Zerubbabel, who has ever laid the foundation of the house ever since the beginning in 1935 (at the establishment of the re-organized body of the angel of Laodicea in Waco, Texas, USA). And his hands also are to finish the house later when the kingdom of the 144.000 saints of God is established in the Palestine in 2027.

AttentionBro. Houteff is the one who laid the foundation of the house of God (the Laodicean Church of the Davidian SDA) and with his “Constitution and the By-laws” of the Leviticus of the Davidian SDA  he would have finished the house in the Palestine.

C. Mrs. E. G. White is well known of her message by the name “The Spirit of Prophecy” or the third angel message of Revelation 14. Bro. Houteff is well known of his by the name The Shepherd’s Rod Message. Both messages of the servants of the Lord are to enlighten the whole earth, beginning from the Laodicean Church of Davidian SDA ourselves. 

However, a certain brother in the Philippine, who named himself Jizreel which is a symbolic name of a prophet who has promoted himself as the antitypical Elijah of the very last one, he has actually nothing to be named specifically, because there is no message of his own to be named. His position in the prophecy of Zechariah 4 is symbolized by the smaller pipes to flow the golden oil from the bowl into the candlesticks by the name : “Thus said the Lord.” So let us all understand that actually he has nothing of himself to present to the people than only those available in the golden bowl of the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4.

D. As the last prophet of this time of the end, the emergence of Bro. Houteff was ever before prophesied by prophet Isaiah in his book chapter 28. And then by prophet Amos in Amos 3 : 7. He and his message were prophesied also in Micah 6 : 9. And then through John the Revelator in Revelation 18 : 1 and so on. How could we trust this young man to be the antitypical Elijah of this time of the end, whereas he himself was never before known in the Bible prophecies nor in the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY ?

E. We all admire his skill to teach the message of the Shepherd’s Rod through his website : www.laymansmovement.com !  But when he set the date of the sealing time of the 144.000 elected saints in the future through his own numerical method of interpretation, whose result is totally different from the sealing time indirectly set by Bro. Houteff himself in the booklet “THE JUDGMENT AND THE HARVEST, every intelligent seeker of Truth would have readily seen the difference. And we have to know that “To the law and to the testimony who talks not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”Isaiah 8 : 20.

F. I have ever told them before that his teaching of the time setting through the numerical method of interpretation would never satisfy me, because I could not understand. I honestly admire him for his painstaking effort to find those figures, but how can I understand ? It seems clear that most of his followers believe in him, because they admire him most of his skill and capacity to teach the message. Although not too many of them understand fully the things he presented. Let alone of the time setting by him according to the numerical method of interpretation.

Faith comes from understanding, and not from admiration. First to understand, and then to believe, and the last is to have faith if those things believed could be taken in the practical doing of the word. Those who believe in him only due to their admiration to him, they would lack their ability to share the things they believe to others. 

From the pen of Mrs. White

Mrs. White as founder of our SDA Church even ever said of her own experience as follows :

“Early in my youth I was asked several times, Are you a prophet ? I have ever responded, I am the Lord’s messenger. I know that many have called me a prophet, but I have made no claim to this title. My Savior declared me to be His messenger. “Your work,” He instructed me, “is to bear My word. …………..”

“Why have I not claimed to be a prophet ? — Because in these days many who boldly claim that they are prophets are a reproach to the cause of Christ; and because my work includes much more than the word “prophet” signifies.”Selected Messages, Book 1, p. 32.

“To claim to be a prophetess is something that I have never done. If others call me by that name, I have no controversy with them. But my work has covered so many lines that I cannot call myself other than a messenger, sent to bear a message from the Lord to His people, and to take up work in any line that He points out.”Ibid., p. 34.

C o n c l u s i o n

Before he died Bro. Houteff had ever told us in the following words :

“The Bible and the books of the Spirit of Prophecy being the sole source of the Shepherd’s Rod message, therefore when the Rod is taught, the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy are taught. And since none but the Spirit of Truth, who transmitted the mysteries of Inspiration can interpret them, then those who attempt to teach them without this inspired interpretational Authority, inevitably fall into the forbidden practice of private interpretation (2 Peter 1 : 20) – the great evil which has brought Christendom into its present almost–boundless state of schism and consequent confusion, strife, and impotency.

“As we dare not follow in such a path, we must therefore, as teachers of the Shepherd’s Rod (the official publications of the Davidian SDA Association), teach only in the light of the Rod those passages which in one way or another need to be interpreted. Thus only will all Present Truth believers ever become of the same mind, seeing eye to eye and speaking the same things (1 Cor. 1 : 10 ; 1 Peter 3 : 8; Isa. 52 : 8).” – Fundamental Beliefs of THE DAVIDIAN SDA.” pp. 26, 27.

Up to the time he died in 1955, he only knew of “t e a c h e r s“ who are to come after him to teach “those passages” in the golden bowl, which in one way or another need to be interpreted further for us. And that is not the work of a prophet, because no more prophets to come after his life time.

All the works of prophets to have the golden oil emptied itself from both the olive trees through both the golden pipes into the golden bowl should have been accomplished with Zerubbabel as the last one.

We are now living in the time of the prophecy of Zechariah 13 : 7.

“Awake, O sword, against My shepherd, and against the man that is My fellow, saith the Lord of hosts : smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered : and I will turn Mine hand upon the little ones.”

We know for sure that the “little ones” represent all the associations of Davidian SDA in the world, who had survived the death of Bro. Houteff and his General Association of Davidian SDA. So we must be sure that we are now under the guiding hand of the Lord Jesus Himself. Jesus the lord would have appointed several more teachers to represent Him to guide us wherever we are in the world today. And only under His guiding hand and under the divinely appointed teachers mentioned above, we will be made to see eye to eye, to have the same mind, and to speak the same things.  And only thus will the 144.000 elected saints of God be made ready for their future transfer to the Palestine.




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