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The Message
that will illuminate the whole Earth



The Bible available in the time of King David is known to consist of the five books of Moses, namely : Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Then the books of: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, I Samuel and II Samuel, I Kings, and II Kings, I Chronicles and II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, and finally the Psalms of David himself. From his words that read: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”Psalm 119 : 105, it could be understood, that the entire books available in the days of his life time were fully understood.

But to us Seventh-day Adventists, the Lord God through His servant Mrs. White said :

“Little heed is given to the Bible, and the Lord has given a lesser light to lead men and women to the greater light.” – Evangelism, p. 257.

It should have been understood that due to little heed is given to the Bible by the leadership of our Church of SDA, even up to this very moment, is unavoidable clearly for their lack of understanding. This is the reason why that God should have sent us a lesser light, that will guide us to a greater light. That by the combination of both the lights, the lesser or the smaller light of the spirit of prophecy of Revelation 14 by Mrs. White , and the greater light of the angel of Revelation 18 : 1 by Bro. Houteff, both the lights are now becoming  the great light to enlighten the earth, beginning first to enlighten our Laodicean Church of SDA  in her present spiritual lukewarm condition to her future purified condition, and then to enlighten the whole earth to salvage the whole sinners of the world up to the close of probation in the year 2031 in the future.

From the background of history, we know that Mrs. White had come first with her message, which is the Spirit of Prophecy. From her Spirit of Prophecy, we have been directed in her book The Early Writings, p. 277 to the greater light from the message of the Shepherd’s Rod. Then by the combination of both messages in the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY predicted in the Revelation 19 : 10, we will be assured that Great light of the whole Bible should have been produced to enlighten the whole earth.

So let us intelligently understand that the “lesser light” must unavoidably be the message of the Spirit of Prophecy by Mrs. White, and from the lesser light in the book Early Writings, p. 277 we have been brought to the greater light of the message of the angel of Revelation 18 : 1. And this is the message of the SHEPHERD’s ROD by the author Bro. Victor. T. Houteff, the prophet.  

A new light in the sense of the Spirit of Prophecy

A light = a message. The existence of a new light means that a new message has come, which has never been known before. And this will be a greater light than the Spirit of Prophecy that we have known so far. For this reason the servant of the Lord Mrs. White wrote it as follows:

“There is yet much precious truth to be revealed to the people in this time of peril and darkness, but it is Satan’s determined purpose to prevent the light of truth from shining into the hearts of men. If we would have the light that has been provided for us, we should show our desire for it by diligently searching the word of God. Precious truths that have long been in obscurity are to be revealed in a light that will make manifest their sacred worth; for God will glorify His word, that it may appear in a light in which we have n e v e r before beheld it.” Counsels to Sabbath School Work, p. 25.

In the sense of the Spirit of Prophecy from Mrs. White, the new light will be completely new, where we have never before beheld it, both in the Bible and in the Spirit of Prophecy of Mrs. White. She added again as follows:

“Only those who are living up to the light they have will receive greater light. Unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues, we shall not recognize the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain. It may be falling on hearts all around us, but we shall not discern or receive it.Testimonies to Ministers, p. 507.

That is, because we are now living in the first month of the final rain of Joel 2 : 23’s prophecy, the various manifestations of the Holy Spirit in the latter rain have appeared in a new light, that is, greater light than the Spirit of Prophecy. Only Seventh-day Adventists, who are continuing to live up to the light of the Spirit of Prophecy, that will receive even greater light. Since they continue to embrace the Spirit of Prophecy, they will also be known as health reformers. For this reason the servant of the Lord said:

“The work of health reform is the Lord’s means for lessening suffering in our world and for purifying His church. …… This work bears the signature of heaven, and will open doors for the entrance of other precious truths.Counsels on Diet and Food, p. 77.

Health Reform is a part of the Spirit of Prophecy message from Mrs. White. Only those health reformers that will be blessed with more precious truths, namely the new and the greater lights than the Spirit of Prophecy itself.

New Light from the message
of the angel of Revelation 18 : 1

“And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.”Revelation 18 : 1.

In her explanation on the statement Mrs. White said : “……….. This message seemed to be an additional to the third message, joining it as the midnight cry joined the second angel’s message in 1844.” —- Early Writings, p. 277.

Just as the “angels” of Revelation 14 have symbolized the messages from heaven, the angel of Revelation 18 : 1 is inevitably symbolize the same, which is a message or a light of truth.

The earth turns out that it can only be illuminated by the glory from the light, when both of the two messages unite into one.

Since we already know that the message of the Spirit of Prophecy from Mrs. White as the servant of God has been symbolized by the third angel of Revelation 14, and the message of the Shepherd’s Rod from Bro.  Victor T. Houteff has come as a message from the Angel of Revelation 18: 1, so the combination of the two messages in the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY of Revelation 19 : 10 should have been able to have all the earth been enlightened. Notice, that the Spirit of Prophecy alone is not powerful enough to enlighten the earth. Likewise, that the Shepherd’s Rod was not assigned alone to enlighten the earth. Therefore, the two messages must unite.

From the prophecy of Zechariah chapter 4, the understanding among us should have been developed. It has been there  revealed of how the Bible of the Old and the New Testament represented by the two olive trees has been fully interpreted into a golden bowl, which symbolizes the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY. It was first interpreted by the servant of the Lord Mrs. White, who had produced the Spirit of Prophecy in the golden bowl. Then followed by Zerubbabel representing Bro Victor T. Houteff, who produced the Shepherd’s Rod message, which had filled the golden bowl to the brim, symbolize the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which is to become the foundation of the House of God in this time of the end. Thus is how the Bible developed into the message of the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which is now illuminating our Church of the Laodiceans, and later to have the whole earth enlightened up to the end of the time of probation in 2031.

Combination of the two messages

The message from the Angel of Revelation 18 : 1 will be found in the books published in the following Shepherd’s Rod publication :

  1. Shepherd Rod volume 1.
  2. Shepherd Rod volume 2.
  3. Shepherd Rod Special Edition
  4. Tract No. 1 Pre-“Eleventh Hour” Extra
  5. Tract No. 2 The Great Paradox Of The Ages
  6. Tract No. 3 The Judgment And The Harvest
  7. Tract No. 3 Supplement. The Harvest: Parabolic-Ceremonial
  8. Tract No. 4 The Latest News for “Mother”
  9. Tract No. 5 Final Warning (The Seven Trumpets)
  10. Tract No. 6 Why Perish ?
  11. Tracts No. 7 Great Controversy Over the “Shepherd’s Rod”
  12. Tracts No. 8 Mount Sion at “The Eleventh Hour”
  13. Tract No. 9 “Behold, I Make all Things New”
  14. Tract No. 10 The Sign Of Jonah
  15. Tract No. 11 God’s Titles Not Restricted to One Language.
  16. Tract no. 12 The World Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  17. Tract no. 13 Christ’s Greetings to You
  18. Tract no. 14 War News Forecast
  19. Tract no. 15 To the Seven Churches
  20. Leviticus
  21. The answerer vol. 1
  22. The answerer vol. 2
  23. The answerer vol. 3
  24. The answerer vol. 4
  25. The answerer vol. 5
  26. Timely Greetings Volume 1 no. 1 – 52
  27. Timely Greetings Volume 2 no. 1 – 46
  28. The Entering Wedge
  29. Cook right Cookbook
  30. General Conference Special 1950
  31. The White House Recruiter
  32. Reporting Un-Adventist Activities
  33. Jezreel Letters
  34. Symbolic Codes
  35. INDEX


Based on the INDEX published by the 1958 Shepherd’s Stick books.

The message of the third Angel of Revelation 14 will be found in the following books published by the Spirit of Prophecy of Mrs. Ellen G. White as follows:

  1. Patriarchs and Prophets
  2. Prophets and Kings
  3. Desire of Ages
  4. Acts of the Apostles
  5. The Great Controversy
  6. Testimonies for the Church vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
  7. Manuscript Releases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20
  8. The Review and Herald, 1851 – 1951
  9. Signs of the times, 1875 – 1895 ; The Spirit of prophecy vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4
  10. Spiritual Gifts vol. 1, 2, 3, 4A & 4B
  11. Counsels to Writers and Editors
  12. Early Writings
  13. Education
  14. Evangelism
  15. Faith and Works
  16. Messages to young people
  17. Mind Character and personality, volume 1
  18. Mind Character and personality, volume 2
  19. Our high calling
  20. Steps to Christ
  21. Temperance
  22. Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers
  23. That I may know Him
  24. The Ministry of Healing
  25. Christian service
  26. Christs object lessons
  27. Thoughts from the mount of blessing
  28. The Adventist Home
  29. Child guidance
  30. Selected messages book 1, 2 & 3
  31. The faith I live by
  32. Counsels on stewardship
  33. My life today
  34. 1888 Sermons
  35. Reflecting Christ
  36. Gospel workers
  37. Sons and daughters of God



Every new light
does not negate the old light

Just as the new light from the message of the angel of Revelation 18: 1 did not negate the third angel’s message from Mrs. White, so is the “message of justification by faith” brought by Reverend Jones and Wagoner at the General Conference Meeting in 1888 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, it should not be rejected. But from the fact that the message had been rejected by the majority of those attending the Conference in 1888, then the fulfillment of the prophecy by apostle John in the Revelation 3 : 14 – 18. could no more be canceled.

Attention! Even though the Organization of the Laodicean Church of SDA and its ministers all over the world would have admitted their sins, the great prophetic event is no longer possible to be canceled, because ever since the time the prophetic words on the fate of the angel of the Laodicean Church was recorded by John the Revelator in the year 96, they shall unavoidably be fulfilled in this time of the end.  It was recorded by John the Revelator to be fulfilled in this time of the end.  Thus, we are all welcome to read carefully the words of John the Revelator and then follow the interpretation by Mrs. White, the servant of God in the book entitled:

THE STUDY BIBLE of Authorized King James Version — ACADEMY – Enterprises, Inc. Harrah, Oklahoma.

The only way out for the angel of the Laodicean Church and his ministers of the gospel to repent is to obey Mrs. White’s Calling for A Spiritual Revival and Reformation in the Review and Herald dated February 25, 1902, which until now have been totally ignored.

Zechariah 4 : 6  :
“Not by might, nor by power ……….. “

The prophecy of Zechariah mentioned above is popularly known at this time of the end, because it is closely related to the foundation of our faith that has been built by the end-time prophets so far. Then after the combination of the third angel’s message from Mrs. White with the message of the angel of Revelation 18: 1 from Br. Houteff, is no longer taught and proclaimed in our churches throughout the earth so far, it is clear now that the prophetic language of  prophet Zechariah chapter 4  should have been understood as follows :  “Not by  personal power of the pastor with his sermons, nor by the authority of the General Conference of SDA with  their Sabbath Schools lessons, but only by the HOLY SPIRIT from GOD through the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY publications mentioned above, which is the combination of the third angel’s message from Mrs. White and the message of the  angel of Revelation 18: 1 from Bro. Victor T. Houteff, that should be able to make the candlesticks and the lamps symbolizing our church of Laodicea to be burning. Please follow the prophetic picture of the prophecy of Zechariah 4 on this side. 

Summary and Conclusion

Ellen G. White :

“In true science there can be nothing contrary to the teaching of the word of God, for both have the same Author. A correct understanding of both will always prove them to be in harmony. Truth, whether in nature or in revelation, is harmonious with itself in all its manifestations.”8 Testimonies, p. 258.

From the fact that the Law of every Country on earth generally consists of the Constitution on the one hand and the common Law which contains the rules of implementation of the Constitution on the other hand, then due to the fact that  the Basic Law of heaven is permanent in its nature, and only the Bible and all its interpretations in the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY is changeable according to the needs of the inhabitants of the earth who continue to change and increase until the end of the time of probation. This is the reason why that we have to deal with 3 (three) ordinary forms of legislation that apply to three different periods of time here below :

A. Legislation from the Old Testament for God’s people who lived during the Old Testament period of history.

B. Legislation from the New Testament for God’s people, who lived during the period of the New Testament, and

C. Legislation for the end-time people of those now living, namely the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY, which consists of the message of the Spirit of Prophecy from Mrs. White and the Shepherd’s Rod message from Br. Victor T. Houteff, as rules for the implementation of the Constitution of the basic law, which applies and binding in all the period of the Laodicean Church up to the close of probation in the year 2031.

Due to the fact that every citizen of the kingdom of heaven on earth must first be tried and investigated their cases in the heavenly court of justice, which is now going on there for all the dead people of God. When the trial reaches our turn, for our cases to be investigated, then let us always remember the words from the prophet Isaiah 8: 20 which reads: “TO THE L A W AND TO THE  T E S T I M O N Y (Testimony of Jesus or The Spirit of Prophecy of the (old / new / end of time) legislation for the people concerned, those whose faith are found right and true   accordingly to their legislation concerned, they will be deemed fit to be sealed with the mark of deliverance into the kingdom.  Or else they will be found guilty of unpardonable sin and then to be slaughtered as soon as possible as those prophesied in the prophecy of Ezekiel 9.


Finally, to the faithful Truth seekers, let them all to be alert, that all preachers standing in the pulpit with only a small Bible in their hand to preach on every Sabbath, they have proven by themselves that they cannot preach more than only the results of their own personal interpretations of the Bible, which is only very cheap fodder of their own personal philosophy. Various inspired Bible interpretations from heaven, which were already available in the combination of the two messages above: The Spirit of Prophecy by Mrs. Ellen G. White and the Shepherd’s Rod by the prophet Victor T. Houteff, were not at all spoken to you from the pulpit nor from the Sabbath School Lessons Quarterly.

This is the reason why the servant of the Lord Mrs. White in her book entitled The Early Writings, under the Chapter: The Third Message Closed, said:

“But I see that the Ministers did not escape the Wrath of God. Their
Suffering will be tenfold greater than that of their people.”

Early Writings, p. 282.



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